What Is the Child Support Advisory Committee?

It is easy to think of child support as a static thing that generally remains the same from one year to the next. However, child support laws and guidelines in Illinois are under constant scrutiny and review. Even though many of the changes are not groundbreaking, these small and regular adjustments are essential to ensuring parents and children in the state are subject to support orders that are fair, reasonable and realistic under the current economic conditions. In Illinois, the Child Support Advisory Committee is responsible for recommending these changes. 

The Child Support Advisory Committee (CSAC) is currently composed of 22 members elected for one-year terms. They include the following: 

  • Legislators
  • Judges
  • Attorneys
  • Administrators and other civil servants
  • Members of public interest organizations 

The CSAC is directed to conduct public meetings on at least a quarterly basis to review current child support laws and guidelines and conduct assessments of existing child support programs. The CSAC has even considered fundamental changes to the Illinois child support system, most notably its 2012 draft proposal to abandon the current percentage of obligor income model in favor of the income shares model. 

This is not a legislative body - it does not have the power to actually change the law in Illinois regarding child support issues. It does, however, submit proposals to the state legislature and, because the CSAC is made up of recognized authorities on the issue of child support, the legislature tends to take their recommendations very seriously. Illinois child support attorneys keep apprised of the committee’s activities, as their recommendations today may be the law tomorrow.

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