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Domestic Rights for Unmarried Couples

Over the last several decades, it has become increasingly common for people in Illinois and throughout the nation to live together in serious and long-term relationships and to have children without ever being married. Many people are perfectly happy to share their lives and raise children without ever going through the formality of a wedding…. Read More »

What to Do If You Are Struggling to Pay Child Support

There is definitely a stigma against parents who fall behind on their child support payments. However, many come by it honestly. It can be difficult to know what to do when a job loss, disability or other reduction in income suddenly makes a previously manageable support obligation completely beyond your reach. What’s more, the first… Read More »

Things You Can Do to Help Your Custody Petition

There are few legal situations where the stakes are higher than child custody disputes. Judges have broad discretion to look at every aspect of each parent’s relationship with the child or children. This means that a successful custody bid often depends just as much if not more on what happens outside the courtroom than what… Read More »

Same-Sex Marriage in Illinois

Although Illinois residents have enjoyed a strong civil union law for some time now, the legal recognition of same-sex marriage that took effect in the state on June 1 is still a landmark change with far-reaching ramifications. LGBT couples in Illinois would do well to take some time to understand how this law affects them… Read More »

Welcome to the new home of Downs Law Offices, PC!

Family law issues can be difficult to handle. Cases involving divorce, child custody and spousal maintenance often lead to heated arguments and many times leave divorcing spouses emotionally drained. At Downs Law Offices, PC, personal attention and trustworthy counsel are the hallmarks of our practice: We’re dedicated to helping good people through difficult times. We… Read More »