What Is Supervised Visitation?

In any divorce settlement involving children, the top priority is the wellbeing and best interests of the kids. Because every family is different and faces unique challenges and circumstances, it’s important that the system have a process in place for handling a variety of family situations, such as when there is a need for supervised visitation with the noncustodial parent.

There are a number of reasons why supervised visits might be preferred. For example, the noncustodial parent may struggle with substance abuse or have anger management issues that demand supervision. Supervised visitation may also be beneficial if one parent hasn’t really developed a relationship with the child, either because of absence or a lack of involvement.

Supervised visitation is possible in several forms. If a child is very young, sometimes it is best for the custodial parent to be present for the visitation. A neutral third party who is known to both parents may be warranted in other circumstances. If the relationship between the parents is volatile, the court may order a trained mental health professional to be present. Extreme circumstances may require these meetings to occur at one of the four supervised visitation centers serving Cook County.

Parents should keep in mind the importance of their participation and cooperation when it comes to visitation arrangements. Showing up on time, keeping a positive attitude, not disparaging the other parent in front of the children and always remembering that the focus of the visit is on the children are all very important responsibilities.

Children do best when they have a relationship with both parents and are free from emotional and physical danger. If you have questions or concerns about setting up a visitation agreement, speak with a skilled Chicago child custody attorney today.

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