What Family Law Issues Are You And Your Children Facing?

Issues involving your children are especially emotional. You want what's in their best interests and so do the courts. The way these issues are handled for you and your children will affect the rest of your life. When you need legal help with the most important areas of your life, contact an attorney who has the experience to give you the advice you need, so you can seek the best outcome to your family law issues. How can we help?

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Chicago family law attorney Robert K. Downs has assisted people with family law issues for over 50 years. His experience in and out of family court can benefit your case. He provides straightforward advice and can keep you focused on what's important.

Legal Guidance In A Variety Of Children's Issues

At Downs Law Offices in Illinois, we assist people with legal issues surrounding their children during divorce and at other times of transition, including:

  • Child custody determination during divorce
  • Calculation of child support
  • Negotiation of parenting time and visitation agreements
  • Modification and enforcement of support orders and child custody
  • Paternity determination and the affects of proving parentage
  • Adoptions, including step-parent adoptions, relative adoptions and contested adoption cases
  • Rights of nonparents such as grandparents who want to preserve important ongoing relationships with their grandchildren
  • Questions and advice about co-parenting with an ex-spouse after divorce

We also assist people with international child abduction cases.

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